Machine Calibrations


Why should you have your Machine Calibrated

The quality of a weld depends upon accurate and repeatable settings of parameters such as current, voltage and wire speed.  A poor quality weld can have serious repercussions.

Providing your welding machine with a certified calibration will guarantee that the welding procedures performed by your machine are accurate.  Along with following proper maintenance guidelines, having your machine professionally calibrated is one of the best ways to ensure that your welding machine runs at its best capabilities.  The demands of the welding world today require the use of properly calibrated welding equipment in order to perform the high quality welds that many of your customers are looking for.

What Calibration consists of

To ensure that your welding machine is operating at the appropriate levels it is important to have it calibrated and certified.  Calibrating your welding machine involves going through the meters on your welding machine and adjusting them until they meet the specifications set forth by the manufacturer.  Once you have had your welding machine calibrated you can then have it certified.  Having your machine certified involves creating a paper trail to show that it has been calibrated properly and your machine can be traced back to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Calibrations are to be carried out yearly unless you the customer requests more frequent intervals.

The Standard

  "The Standard" refers to BS EN 50504:2008 – the British and European standard which covers the Calibration and Validation of Arc Welding Equipment.

The Standard is approved by CENELEC, the European Committee for Electro technical standardization.

Member are bound to comply with no alterations.

The standard lays out the requirements and method for calibration and Validation. It also instructs how readings are taken and what tolerance we work to. The Elecdoc has all the tolerances pre installed and will step you through the described method ensuring compliance.

The standard sets out tolerances for two types of Calibration/Validation. There is the Standard Grade which we work to and the Precision Grade.

We can calibrate welding equipment to the BS EN 50504:2008 standard and the latest IEC 60971-14.  In line with ISO9000 based quality systems including BS EN 1090.

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Let us do the Hardwork

Our specially trained engineers will visit your premises.  The carry the most up to date equipment to  perform the calibration and at the end of the procedure will provide you with a Certificate of Calibration and report according to IEC 60974-14

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